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Air Funding is also focused on the Mezzanine or Junior Debt segment of the market which we believe is underserved as well. Commercial banks are restricted on the amount of leverage that they can provide to the global airline community. We provide the incremental liquidity and leverage needed to this buyer-base in order to give them a more complete solution to their financing needs.

For Mezzanine Debt, we are focused on new delivery and young Boeing & Airbus in-production collateral. This includes both Widebody and Narrowbody aircraft. A large number of aircraft will be delivered over the next few years. Furthermore, over the next 20 years, Boeing is forecasting a need for more than 41,000 airplanes valued at $6.1 trillion at list prices. This includes over 8,800 new aircraft types on-order such as the Airbus neo and the Boeing 737-MAX.

For current senior lenders, we seek to partner with global banks in order to provide a more complete and efficient solution to commercial aircraft buyers.

  • Provide liquidity to an underserved market
  • Concentrate on in-production new delivery/younger Boeing & Airbus passenger aircraft
  • Emphasis on both Widebody & Narrowbody aircraft
  • Partner with senior lenders to provide a better solution to aircraft buyers

Mezzanine Debt